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Articles in Press

 A Randomized Controlled, Single-Blind Study To Compare Efficacy & Safety Of Topical Corticosteroid & Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs As Monotherapy Versus Combination Therapy For Ocular Inflammation After Cataract Surgery

Patil Ashwini R, Gotekar Swapnil J, Bhosale Uma A, Gokhale Suvarna K, Karpe Rudraprasad

A Study of Infections Precipitating Hepatic Encephalopathy in Decompensated Chronic Liver Disease

Veena Nayak, Vinay Mamulpet, Laxminarayana Bairy Kurady, Basavaraj Poojar, Balaji O

Sub-Acute Effects Of Kava Alone And In Combination With Alcohol In Rats: A New Possible Pathway

Mohammed Abdulabbas Hasan, Noordin Mohamed Mustapha, Arifah Abdul Kadir and Mohd Hezmee

Complexity Of OXA ?eta-Lactamases Involved In Multi-Resistance

Asit Kumar Chakraborty, Shayani Pradhan, Sanatan Das, Meghna Maity, Sumana Sahoo and Kousik Poria

Sex Determination Using Mastoid  Process  Length  Of  Nigerian Skulls

Orish CN and Fawehinmi, H. B

Restless Legs Syndrome in Pregnant Women: A Survey of 504 Parturient

Houssine Boufettal, Mohamed Hamirifou, Salwa Bellakhder, Mohamed Abdou Rafai

Hepatic Infusion Of Autologous Bone Marrow Promotes Immune Reconstitution In A Patient Suffering From HIV Kaposi's Sarcoma

Baochi Liu, Mingrong Cheng ,Yixuan Liu,Xiaodong Chen ,Lei Li,Yanhui Si, Shijia Wang, Ying Wang, Yufang Shi