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Articles in Press

An Investigation on Development of Data Quality through Source Data Verification in a Clinical Study                     

Anuj Shrivastava & Dr Pramod Singh Khatri

Monitoring and Scrutinizes of Adverse Drug Reactions Related with Newly Approved Medicines For The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease: A Prospective Study    

Aijaz Khan & Dr Pramod Singh Khatri

An Evaluation of Aspects That Influence Patient Recruitment In Clinical Trials 

Bhawna Gondwal & Dr Pramod Singh Khatri

An Evaluation of Variations In Health Knowledge And Régimes After Participating In A Clinical Study 

Ritu Jangra & Dr Pramod Singh Khatri

An Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitude, And Perception Of Pharmacovigilance Among Healthcare Professionals

Parveen Thakran & Dr Pramod Singh Khatri

Differential Cytokine Secretion In Differently Processed Platelet Rich Plasma And Its Temporal Secretory Pattern

Rinku Shukla, Parizad Patel, Kanchan Mishra. Kanjaksha Ghosh

A Study of Infections Precipitating Hepatic Encephalopathy in Decompensated Chronic Liver Disease

Dr. Santni Manickam, Dr. Anil Kumar Adla, Dr. Jayachandran Kuppusamy, Dr. Tolstoy Rajangam

Effect Of Amaranthus Paniculatus Leaves Aqueous Extract Therapy On Experimental Animals

Achyut Narayan Kesari, Atul Kumar and Geeta Watal

Methylprednisolone alleviates LPS-induced liver injury via regulating lipid metabolism and autophagy

Xi Xiong, Huijie Miao, Yun Cui, Jingyi Shi, Chunxia Wang, and Yucai Zhang

Sub-Acute Effects Of Kava Alone And In Combination With Alcohol In Rats: A New Possible Pathway

Mohammed Abdulabbas Hasan, Noordin Mohamed Mustapha, Arifah Abdul Kadir and Mohd Hezmee

Quality Assessment Of Processed Yellow Split Peas Products In Bangladesh In The Framework Of Six Sigma Technique

Md. Anwar Hosssain

Sex Determination Using Mastoid  Process  Length  Of  Nigerian Skulls

Orish CN and Fawehinmi, H. B

Restless Legs Syndrome in Pregnant Women: A Survey of 504 Parturient

Houssine Boufettal, Mohamed Hamirifou, Salwa Bellakhder, Mohamed Abdou Rafai

Evaluation Of Drug Utilization Pattern In Post-Operative Patients In Surgery Ward Of A Teaching Hospital

Dr. Bombay Silvya Grace, Dr Divya Jyothi, P Bhavya, K.C.Prasanna,Dr.S.Balaiah

Clinicopathological Landscapes And Prediction Evaluation Of Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma : An Dreadfully Rare Entity

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Pawan Pratap Yadav

Contemporary Clinical Issues And Recent Inclinations In Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Deepshikha Jha

Novel Embattled Therapies In Uterine Serous Carcinoma- A Window Of Opportunity

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Bhawna Rani

Budding Therapeutic Targets Of Familial Pancreatic Cancer Besides The Impending Of Directed Screening

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Aijaz Khan

Germ Cells Memory: Do Sperms And Ova Have A Memory And Contain Reminiscences?

Muaweah Ahmad Alsaleh

Latent Diagnostic And Prophetic Indicators For Sezary Syndrome - A Hostile Takeover

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Anuj Shrivastava

Uterine Adenosarcoma- The Realisms, Challenges, and Opportunities for New Therapies

Dr Pramod Singh Khatri & Anuj Shrivastava

A correlative study of Estrogen receptor, Progesterone receptor, HER2-neu CD 10 expression in Carcinoma Breast.

Dr. Nirupma Lal, Dr. Vidhi Verma, Dr. Parul Gupta

An Unusually Large Gartner’s Duct Cyst:  A Rare Case

Khan Dina Aisha, Sharma Nalini, Jethani Roma, Jaya Mishra