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Articles in Press

Phenotypic Detection Of ? Lactamases Production Among Enterobacteriaceae Isolates By Novel Disc Placement Method

Dr. Khadija Mehdi, Dr. Shashwati Nema

The Efficacy Of Using Animation Distraction For Pain Relief In Young Children Undergoing Cannulation In A Rural Teaching Hospital: A Randomised Control Trial.

Biji. S, Anila Melody Thomas, Deepa T Unnikrihnan, Anna Mathew, Sanju Paul, Nivedita Mohan, Saravana Kumar Velusamy

Formulation And Evaluation Of Anti-Diabetic Ethosomes

Anupamaa Tiwari, Manoj Kumar Mishra, Ashutosh Shukla

Knowledge, Attitude And Practise Assesment About Bio –Medical Waste Management Among Healthcare Personnel In Government General Hospital, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Sachin Suresh Shinde, Miss. Mounika, Dr. Kishore Babu Marivina, Dr. Sukesh Krishna Chaitanya Loka

Analysis Of Serum Estradiol Hormone Levels In Patients Of Prostate Carcinoma In Indian Population

Anjali Vinocha, Rani Deepak, Rajesh K Grover

Breast Tumors Diagnosis using Finite Element Modelling

Mohamed A.Naser, Ahmed M Sayed, Ashraf A. Wahba, and Mohamed A. A. Eldosoky

Fullerene Derivatives: A Potential Tool In Medicinal Applications

Ms. Aarti Gaikwad, Ms. Shilpa Godiyal, Dr. Kisan Jadhav, Dr. Vilasrao Kadam

Unrestricted Ketogenic Diet In A Child With Medulloblastoma

Maria Giuseppina Cefalo, Andrea Carai, Domenica Elia, Francesca Cocca, Antonella Cacchione, Angela Mastronuzzi

Suprasellar Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma With Leptomeningeal Dissemination In An Infant: A Case Report And Review Of The Literature

Chiara Carducci*, Giovanna Stefania Colafati, Mariangela Marras, Matteo Di Nardo, Antonella Cacchione, Ioan Paul Voicu, Andrea Carai, Angela Mastronuzzi

Alok Sharma, Nandini Gokulchandran, Hemangi Sane, Samson Nivins, Pooja Kulkarni, Vrushali Mane, Maitree Maheshwari, Prerna Badhe